watercolor landscape painting

Summer Painting to Beat the Winter Blues

For me, painting is not just a hobby. It is therapy. When summer is overwhelmingly hot, I paint blizzard paintings. Likewise, when winter chills me to the bones, I paint summer paintings to recapture the warmth.

This painting represents the joy of living on the lake, of experiencing the presence of wildlife and waterfowl. Wetlands teem with all kinds of life, even when they appear mysterious as the fog rises. I take pictures with my watercolors. This scene is one of those places I truly adore.

It also represents a small break from my usual style. I still love realism and will always embrace it. I added a dreamy quality to this work to give it a different feel, one that may draw you in. It also incorporates a new palette of colors for me that strive to capture realism better.

This is the height of creativity for me–when you can create your own worlds and enjoy what enfolds. I hope you like this one. Buy at eBay

cat watercolor painting

Let Your Paintings Live On

As an artist, you’ll probably relate. There are a few paintings that you feel you can never replicate. You put your heart and soul into a work. Perhaps you tried a new technique or color mixture, without noting it somehow. That’s how I felt about this painting that I titled, “Deep Thoughts.”

My cat, Sophie, is very intelligent. She has unique vocalizations to communicate different things. Every now and then, she might stare off in the distance. My husband and I wonder what it going on in her little pea-brain. Somehow though, I think there’s more going on, hence, the name, “deep thoughts.”

For artists, selling other forms of your work through venues like Zazzle is a great way to keep enjoying your works. I have to admit buying several items from my own store for those few paintings that I almost wish I didn’t sell. That is one lesson an artist must learn–do not sell all of your favorites. Keep one or two to cherish and remind you of your talent as an artist.

Deep Thoughts” is one of those paintings that I wish I kept. I’m glad to know that it is making someone happy. As I enjoy my coffee with my cat mug, I’ll remember how good it feels to immerse myself in a painting.