Celebrate Your Achievements

If you are a woman, today is a good reason to celebrate. As a self-representing artist, you have achieved what many only dream of. Welcome to National Business Women’s Day!

Being self-employed, running your own business is tough work. I don’t have to tell you that. As a woman and an artist, you have a bigger task ahead of you. Your dedication to your work shows your business aptitude. It demonstrates your will power and determination. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. You are an American success story.

Not everyone can make the same claim to fame. You beat the odds. You found a niche for yourself. It is a testimony to your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your success! You are proof of the American dream.

Monday Marketing Meeting—Embrace Fall

fall-colors Today’s marketing meeting is about embracing the feelings of the market. Perhaps no other opportunity gives artists a better in than fall colors.

Fall never fails to surprise us. The timing and intensity of colors are variable, which adds a bit of a surprise. When they do come, you can’t help but be awestruck by Nature’s incredible palette. As an artist, this is the time to pause and take in the lesson being played out before you. No artist does it better.

Fall colors give you as the artist a chance to exercise your palette. Fall paintings carry a certain forgiveness about them. Fall colors can push the extremes, so your work can build on that fact.

I don’t have stats to support me, but I’d wager that fall paintings are some of the most popular landscape paintings ever created. How can you not help but notice the beautiful variations in reds, yellow, browns, and oranges?

If you find yourself short on ideas, take up your fall palette and create some magic.

Photo by chappy14

I Can See Fall

autumn-colors One skill that all artists possess is the ability to see below the surface. We see the emotion, the nuances of a scene. We see what others do not. That is why we are artists. We have the gift of sight.

Sometimes that gift can be vexing. It is especially so when the subtle variations in color are no longer visible in foliage. Without having to think about it, you know that summer is waning and that fall is approaching.

I’m not sure which is worse—the return of winter or the loss of color. I don’t mind winter, usually. If it’s brutally cold, that is another story. The loss of color is disheartening. I don’t like to see trees go from an explosion of greens to a monotone of dull olive. Olive is fine for camouflage but not for tree cover.

As summer tries to stick around, I’ll recall the wonderful summer days with cool breeze and vibrant color until once again spring opens up the world of green.

Photo by silgluck