Thanking the Cows

wait As a painter, cows are one of my favorite subjects. I love rural settings, particularly farm scenes. So, I’m not letting today pass with expressing my gratitude. Welcome to Cow Appreciation Day!

I suppose my obsession with cows has its roots in my Midwestern upbringing. Cows are everywhere in the Midwest. Wisconsin, the Dairy State, is one of my favorite holiday destinations.

To me, cows are very expressive. It is also a good opportunity to inject some humor. This painting is called, “The Long Wait". The name denotes the abandoned barn and presumably the long wait for it to be active again. The cow has an expression like “What do you want?”

In my artist’s world, cows lie with cats. Old barns have new lives. The peace of the country life lives on.

Monday Marketing Meeting—Keep Your Contact Info Current

telephone Today’s marketing meeting is about closing sales. You probably have made some efforts to increase your Internet presence. Perhaps you have a website or a blog. The most important maintenance task you need to do is to keep your contact information current.

If your email has changed, update it. If you use a form, make sure that your PHP script has the correct address. Likewise, don’t miss phone calls because you don’t have current info on your site.

One way you can keep your phone number current is to use a Google Voice number. That way, if you change your cell number or you move, you will still have a number that travels with you.

The advantage of using a Google Voice number is that you needn’t give out your own number. You can create a personalized message for potential clients. You can screen calls and create groups for regular clients. Your clients will appreciate the personalized touch.

The last thing you want as a self-representing artist is a lost sale. They can be hard to come by. As I often like to preach, make it as easy as possible for people to give you money. Having current contact information is one way you can ensure you will not lose  a sale.

Photo by kgreggain