Exploring the Color Blue

sky-blue As an artist, you have probably noticed the change. It’s natural. You see color like no person can. You see and appreciate the nuances of hue and shade. You have the eyes of an artist.

I love this time of year. It’s almost as if a switch has been flipped. No longer is the sky the cool color of cerulean blue. It is cobalt mixed with ultramarine blue. with a dash of windsor blue for good measure.

It is warm and wonderful, a color that makes you pause and marvel at its beauty. Welcome to spring! This is the time of year that you should be studying Nature for inspiration. The sky holds the first key to your exploration.

Get outside and bathe yourself in the color blue. Bring the feeling back to the studio and create.

Photo by AlexaSky

Spring Inspiration

columbine-flower Normally, I am not a floral painter. I prefer painting landscapes and capturing the entire scene. However, it’s hard not to be inspired by the show that Nature puts on with her spring inspiration, the woodland wildflowers.

As a painter, you can learn a lot from spring wildflowers. Oftentimes, they are showy. They have to be. They have this small window of time to flower and get pollinated. How could any pollinator resist the warm, rich color of columbine blooming in the spring?

Or how about the striking white color of bloodroot or the trout lily? I dare you not to pause and admire the beautiful purple color of violets or the warm yellow of marsh marigolds.

Spring is a time to enjoy the colors of spring and to learn from Nature. Where can you find better examples of using contrast to the height of its power? If you need a little inspiration this spring, take to the woods. Nature has a few things to show you.

Photo by bbrouw83