Monday Marketing Meeting—Image Guidelines for SEO

As artists, we appreciate the impact of a visual image. It is our goal, after all, to create the image that will stop a person in their tracks and make them buy your work.

Today’s Marketing Meeting is about making those images work for you. First of all, there is one thing you need to understand. If an image is on the Internet, it can be copied. Watermarks or no-right-click scripts will protect it. However, as soon as it is created, it is yours. You own the copyright.

Watch your image size.
If you have concerns about image theft, this is one step you can take which has added SEO benefit. Don’t put your best images on your website or blog. That is, take the original and reduce its size and resolution.

Your image should be 72 dpi for resolution. This low resolution, of course, makes for a so-so image if printed. The nuances of your work have not been compromised. The benefit for you is that your site will load quicker. Visitors are less likely to navigate away because of a slow-loading site. Keep images under 50k. Use your image editing software to optimize your images for the web.

Select a good name for your image.
Do not keep your cellphone or digital camera’s file name of IMG464646464.jpg. Instead, give it a meaningful name that uses the keywords you are prompting. “Red-floral-original-watercolor-painting” is more useful to crawlers and gives visitors a better idea of what you are selling.

Notice the dashes. Those older browsers are still around, like it or not. They can process file names better with dashes rather than underscores.

Don’t forget your alt text.
The alt attribute was originally an accessibility feature. Now it is expected. Think of it as another opportunity to use your keywords. Like your file name, make it meaningful and descriptive.

While you cannot control all the factors that determine your page rank, the on-page factors give you an opportunity to improve your site’s SEO. Don’t pass any chances to make your site more search engine friendly.

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