Monday Marketing Meeting: Always Be Prepared

Today’s marketing meeting is about a lesson I learned over the weekend, albeit painfully. Much to my dismay, our cable Internet went out. Internet outages are not unusual. This time, however, I could not even get through to tech support. Thank you, MediaCom–NOT.

Fortunately, the outage came during my writing downtime. I’m still with the day job, but that will soon be gone. Had it been a month from now, I would have truly been in panicking mode. As it was, I could weather the storm despite the backlog of emails.

Though my Internet was restored the next day, the situation forced me to consider my alternatives. Fortunately, I was able to tether using my Blackberry and Tether for Blackberry. It turned out to be a godsend.

The whole experience left me feeling both prepared and a little trepid. You can manage to keep your business going despite service interruptions. If you depend upon your online presence and have a smartphone, I strongly encourage you to explore your offline options before it becomes a neccessity.

I was able to get online at speeds comparable to my cable connection, making me wonder why I have cable Internet at all. I compare it to my landline. Why pay twice for long distance?

Monday Marketing Meeting–Using Buying Incentives

Today’s marketing meeting is all about selling. While art of itself motivates us, selling is what keeps us in paint and watercolor paper. It’s an added bonus, if you will, of being a self-representing artist.

Our business is unique in that we sell one-of-a-kind originals. We put a lot of effort into our work and sustainability even if you are cross marketing. Anything you can do to boost sales is good for business.

Offer free shipping.
Free is a magic word in marketing. Everyone wants to know that they’re getting a deal. Give them one. Offer free shipping and use it in your sales copy.

Give discounts to repeat buyers.
Unlike other types of sales, repeat art sales are limited in most cases by how much wall space your clients have. Show your best clients that you appreciate their business. Make it easy to say yes to another purchase.

Load up on perks.
For my commissioned art, I include a few notecards from Zazzle as a bit of a perk. More often than not, a commissioned painting has added value for a client. Give your clients opportunities to share your work with others. It could lead to other sales.

Give a discount for client referrals.
Share the love. A client who brings in another sale is a valuable one. Show your clients that you appreciate their positive feedback. Discounts are an investment. Use them wisely.

The most important thing you can do as a self-representing artist is to add value to your work. Doing so will encourage repeat sales and perhaps, new clients.