Monday Marketing Meeting–Lessons of the 2009 Shopping Season

Today’s marketing meeting discusses continual improvement. There’s always something to be learned, especially if you take the time to learn from yourself and others. A couple lessons became clear this year.

Free shipping or upgraded shipping is important to capture reluctant buyers.
The snowstorm out East presented online retailers with the perfect opportunity. Why fight the crowds and the snow when you can order online and let someone else hassle with it? Shipping costs have been a bane of contention for online retailers. Sure, you could offer the good prices, but the shipping costs negated their benefits. Free or reduced one or two shipping was a godsend for many last-minute shoppers–like myself.

Reward your customers for repeat sales.
Kohls was a master at this, IMHO. Prices are slashed. Then, you purchase at least $50 and receive $10 in “Kohl’s Cash.” What a brilliant marketing scheme! People are watching their pennies, but no one is going to turn away from free cash.

Tell your clients that you appreciate them.
I’ve written before about the virtues of good customer service. It’s a self-representing artist’s ace-in-the-hole. Since the holidays are all about family and friends, take a moment to appreciate the other important people in your life, namely, the clients that make living your dream possible.