Monday Marketing Meeting–Plan Your Promotions

Today’s Monday Marketing Meeting is about capitalizing on your promotions. We’ve all seen the effective advertising retailers have used for sales like “Black Friday” or “Back to School Saving.” The key to such promotions is to plan ahead.

It’s only September, but you should be thinking now about holiday promotions. This is a good time for self-representing artists to create a Christmas card for Zazzle or CafePress. Had a good year for painting? Why not create a 2010 calendar with your best images? Play up the holiday theme by creating anticipation in your newsletter with promotions like “My Christmas Gift To You–Do Not Open Until November 1st.”

This is a perfect time to start lining up commissions. No one wants to be stuck with having to create a commissioned artwork with little time for feedback and touch-ups. Planning on sending cards to your past clients? Order early and send early with a promotional coupon.

Holidays can be stressful anyway, without the burden of selling online. Taking time now to schedule and plan for end-of-the-year promotions is a good way to stay on top of your game.

K-Designers, a Good Business Model

Excellent customer service is key to success for an online retailer. Focus efforts on this area of business, and success is sure to follow. As an example, I’ll use K-Designers.

K-Designers specializes in home renovation. As their motto states, you’re getting “ a new home at your old address.” One of the first things I look forward in a business is a history of customer satisfaction. With over 30 years in the business and over 100,000 satisfied clients, it doesn’t get much better than this.

A review of the company’s About Us page reveals a company with a foundation of dedication and hard work. Such a history engenders trust, a vital element of success. The Quick Look shows another important detail, the Amerimax National Sales and Excellence Service Award. Obviously, this is a company that values its customers. What’s important to note is that such an award says that industry recognizes their efforts. This is a powerful marketing statement.

In these economic times, potential customers may be reluctant to purchase. The difference between making the sale and not can be assurances of quality work. K-Designers will not charge for a project until the work is completed and the customer satisfied. A message like this tells of a company’s own trust in their products and services. Offering a guarantee alleviates any lingering reluctance. Customers can be sure they’re getting the design they want.

Providing stellar customer service should be the goal of any business, whether it’s a self-representing artist or a remodeling company. A message of trust and hardwork makes a solid foundation for success.