Monday Marketing Meeting–What Fantasy Sports Teaches You About Marketing

Today’s Monday Marketing Meeting is about engaging and keeping your visitors. One of the best ways to do that is by finding common ground and knowing the interests of your visitors. An extremely successful model for this is fantasy sports.

Though not golfers ourselves, my husband and I have fantasy golf through the season. It taps into that competitive nature in me. We’ll follow the play each week, trying to guess the tournament’s outcome. Of course, the most successful of the sports games must be fantasy football. It’s not my thing, but friends will really get into the game. They’ll get their fantasy football draft software going. They’ll make their picks. They’ll follow the game religiously. Why not? It’s engaging. The visitor feels a part of the game. It becomes more personal. What a great business model!

It works because it has found that common ground. People like the game. That competitive spirit runs deep. What’s more, visitors are coming to the site on a regular basis. They come back to read up on the stats and rankings. They read the news and headlines. Pretty soon, they’re looking around more on the site. They’re going deeper into the site for more information. After awhile, the site becomes the authority. The site’s recommendations and reviews are taken more seriously. The conversion rate on visitors at this level is high.

The lesson to take away from the discussion is this. Engage your visitors. Give them what interests them. Keep your content fresh and up-to-date. Over time, the visitor loyalty on your site will increase dramatically.

Monday Marketing Meeting–Consider Your Hosting Options

Today’s Monday Marketing Meeting is about your online presence. Sales can be made or lost depending upon the dependability of your website. To sell online, you need a reliable Web Hosting Provider, an attractive, easy-to-navigate site, and a means to secure sales whether it be PayPal buttons or an SSL certificate. Let’s consider the provider today.

Guaranteed up time is vital to your site. It is an expression of reliability. I know taking the heat for another business’s issues doesn’t seem fair, but your site represents your service as a whole. If your hosting isn’t reliable, it reflects on you. Save yourself the headaches: research this first.

When you set up online, you want a plan. Many hosting providers also offer different types of packages, so your website can grow with your business. Perhaps you sell through an art site. There may come a time that you want to set up a shopping cart and get an SSL certificate. Choosing a provider that offers SSL certificates will help make installation and support easier down the road. SSL certificates verify your online identity and offer trust to would-be buyers. It’s a worthwhile investment. HostNexus offers some nice options when you’re ready to upgrade.

 I’ve always found it useful to ask pre-sales questions. You can get a pretty good idea of response time and support. Likewise, take a peak in the forums. Observe how questions are being handled. Finally, these days, it almost seems a business failure if a hosting provider doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook presence. Check them out.

Hosting is one part of your online presence. Careful research will not only save you time, but sales and money down the road.