Watercolor Still Life On Watercolor Canvas

still life original watercolor paintingWhen Fredrix introduced its watercolor canvas, the artist community responded. In a way, it brought the old watercolor/oil painting rivalry to light again.

For watercolorists, the canvas presented new challenges and more opportunities for artists. Generally, once watercolor is placed, that’s it. Having to deal with color that lifts easily is something out of our ken. What to do with paint that you had to take the most tender touch to correct? Then, there was this idea of varnishing, again, unheard of with conventional watercolor paintings. For those tackling this new support, a whole new world opened up to them.

Well, count me as one of them. I liked the idea of using canvas. I will admit to being a stumped at first with dealing with the new support. I figured it would lift easily, but not as much as it did. There was also the brushstroke. Brushstokes showed. As a watercolor artist, this was so foreign unless one were trying to add texture. The watercolor canvas lent itself very well to texture however. That is one aspect of painting that I particularly enjoy. I love watching an object come to life with a bit of well-placed texture.

Texture is something I enjoy must when creating still life paintings. Since most of these paintings are depicting something old, texture gives me that bit of verisimilitude that I enjoy. Without further ado, here is “Lock, Stock, and Barrel.”

Watercolor on canvas, 16″ x 12″

lock, stock, and barrel original watercolor painting

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Creating a Mental Vacation

waterside accommodations original watercolor painting‘Waterside Accommodations,” my original watercolor painting, is another one of my series of paintings meant to encourage a calm frame of mind by creating a peaceful place.

I watch a lot of film noir movies. So many of the classic ones were set in California. This painting takes some inspiration from one such movie, “Murder My Sweet.” The final scene takes place at an ocean side home. Waves are crashing against the shore. I fell in love with the look of the house. A veranda provided a stunning view, making me think it would be the perfect getaway. As in so many of my other works, there is also an element of Door County, Wisconsin, recalling the house on the lake.

I let the paint do a lot of the work in this painting, freely mixing to create the sky. The process of creating it was something of a mental vacation of itself. It was the perfect ticket of a moment of relaxation.

Size: 22″ x 15″
Paper: 140 lb. Arches cold press watercolor paper
Price: $149.99

*Sold without a mat*

waterside accommodations original watercolor painting