Other Computer Troubleshooting Options

If you’re like me, your computer is a vital part of your online business. You create auctions with it. You clean up images of your artwork. You manage your blog and website with it. If something goes wrong or you can’t access it, you’re lost.

You do have options for accessing your computer remotely. These can serve different purposes, all with an aim to help your business. One option is remote control software. This use has been employed by software companies for some time. By giving access to your computer, an IT tech support person can troubleshoot computer issues in a fraction of the time. For me, this is the way I prefer dealing with tech support even if it is my husband accessing my computer from work. He gets the job done quickly, and I’m back in business.

Another benefit of accessing your computer remotely is access to files. The problem of trying to run your business if you’re traveling has always been an issue with sellers on desktop computers. Security, of course, is always a consideration. For a business to be able to access data to allow for uninterrupted selling is a huge benefit. You become well aware of the trials of an online business when you try to take a vacation. Business can’t stop when I’m at the beach.

For an online seller, you have to have a plan. You have to be able to continue with business even if other demands take you elsewhere. Remote access software is one possible solution.

Farm Watercolor Paintings, a Favorite Subject

a long wait original watercolor paintingI paint a variety of subject matter in my watercolor paintings. A common theme is a realistic style, a peaceful setting, and sometimes a bit of humor. “The Long Wait” is such a painting.

Farm watercolor paintings are a frequent subject of my work. I enjoy re-creating a time in the past, when things moved just a little slower. In this painting, I re-create an old farm. The barn has seen better days, taking my inspiration from the many aging farms in the Midwest. Of course, there has to be a cow. Midwest farms and cows go hand-in-hand. I suppose it’s in these paintings my Midwestern roots become most obvious.

I like to add a bit of humor to my works. My goal is something subtle, as the title of this painting implies. The barn doesn’t look like anyone is going to be coming out soon to take care of the cow or feed the cat. It just looks like it’s going to be a long wait.

long wait original farm watercolor painting

Monday Marketing Tip– Google Profiles and Sharing

Today’s Monday Marketing Meeting addresses a hot topic swirling around on the Internet these days–creating your own Google Profile.

For someone doing business online, this is a great opportunity to build a profile with links to your website, your online store, blog, and social media profiles. You can create a short bio detailing the services/products you offer. You can even create that elevator speech. You can provide contact information and share your location. It’s another opportunity for you to broadcast your brand on search engine page results.

Your branded message in one place

It’s like building a mini-resume. You can build a profile highlighting your work. You can add photos of your artwork using Picasa or other photo service. You can link to it in your email signature.

Create credibility by verification

Verification is something to consider. After all, the anonymity of the Internet can make people hesitant about purchasing or hiring. With verification, you prove who you are, but also provide sensitive information. It’s a choice you have to make.

Google profiles of themselves are another marketing tool that online sellers can use. The more focused your branding message, the better opportunity you have to reach a targeted audience with the greater possibility of a higher ROI.