Keep Your Edge In a Down Economy

Times are tough. You know that. As a self-representing artist, you’re undoubtedly feeling the heat. Now more than ever, it’s vital that you keep your edge in a down economy.

Look at your website/blog. Search engine optimization is key for your Internet marketing. Part of your marketing strategy is to review your website/blog and see how it fares. Google Analytics will provide traffic information, but also keyword searches. A weekly review will tell you how people are finding you. Armed with this information, you can optimize your best sources of traffic.

Don’t have the time to invest? Perhaps a seo company can help. The point is though that you need to stay engaged with your marketing–especially now. If one strategy doesn’t work, try another. What’s that saying about the shark? To stay afloat, keep swimming. Keep trying. Keep involved in your plan.

Search engine optimization and marketing are work, sometimes fun and sometimes tedious. People are still buying. Your job is to see that you’re visible so you can keep your edge.

RIP Andrew Wyeth

The art world lost a beloved member on Friday, Andrew Wyeth.

Andrew Wyeth was one of my inspirations.  I adore his work.  His typical palette of muted tones is one I gravitate toward.  His rural type of setting that he often painted are ones to which I can relate.  I embrace the same subject matter.  Interesting, even non-art people know his work such as his most famous, “Master Bedroom” painting.  He was that good.

I know nothing of the man’s personal life, whatever controversy may have or have not surrounded him.  I only know that his works moved me.  I admired his technique and his body of work.  And it’s sad to me that there will be no more original Andrew Wyeth paintings.