The Contrast of Fall

fall colors Since I paint primarily landscapes, greens are important to my painting.  I’ve spent much time sorting through the plethora of greens.

That’s what makes painting now, painting the season such a treasure.  With the arrival of fall, I look to the contrast of the fall colors.  The contrast is exciting.  It fuels the passion for my work.  How can you not be inspired to paint when the fall colors are practically screaming at you?

This kind of creativity I call seasonal painting.  I embrace the seasons in my work.  I respond to what I see, but I also use it to transport me.  During the summer, I will often do one of my blizzard paintings—especially if it is unusually warm.  The mental trip cools and refreshes me.  So for me, painting serves a lot of purposes.

It’s calming when I need a break from stress.  It warms me or cools me when I need a change.  It makes me laugh.  It makes me nostalgic.

As I pick up my brush to immerse myself in the season, I’ll let the fall colors work their magic. Photo by lemoncat1

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Monday Marketing Meeting–Share and Share Alike

painting process

One thing has become clear in marketing–it’s not all about what you take. It’s not about give me, that’s mine, me first. It’s about share and share alike.

As an Internet marketer, you’re reaching out to people as an anonymous entity. Who are you anyway? Why should I trust you, let alone buy from you? The key is making yourself real to your audience.

On your profile or on the profiles of other social media sites that you use, use a real pic. People like to be able to associate words with a face. As a self-representing artist, you’re still a business. A person, they can trust. A faceless artist, no

As an artist and as a self-marketer, you’ve learned things, tips and lessons. Why not share them with your audience? You don’t want to give your audience the impression that you’re just after what’s in their pocket. These days, the Internet is about community, whether you’re building that through a blog or on social media sites. I’m not suggesting giving out the secret recipe with its 13 ingredients, but rather teasers.

Have a work in progress? Share some photos. Others seeing your process on one painting are not going to steal all of your secrets and potential customers. There’s still the idea factory in your head. No one can steal that.

Sharing makes you real to your audience. Sharing makes you trustworthy to your audience. Sharing is a good way to achieve authority in your field. Photo by (:petra:)

Looking For Web Hosting?

With so many companies vying for your attention, it’s hard to sift through the choices when you are looking for the best website hosting. Web Hosting Review helps visitors sort through the information available about services and looks toward the services optimized for what your needs are.  Of course, as self-representing artists, it’s important to find the best value.  It’s the starving part, after all, that we want to beat.  A hosting plan that fills the specialized needs of artists and is affordable are key.

A web presence is essential for any business.  The opportunities through social media present the self-representing artists with a myriad of ways to market their art and find that targeted audience.  As artists, we need to look beyond eBay to find ways to market ourselves.

With your own website and your own blog, you control the content.  You optimize for your niche.  This is important for search engine optimization.  The task may be daunting, but a quick review of the best web hosts for 2008 offers even the technically challenged artist opportunities.

Most hosting plans come with some type of site builder.  The set up is pretty straight forward to get a home page, some links and a contact page online.  Some providers even offer templates so your task is even more straightforward.  The framework is there.  You provide the content.  A provider like Web Hosting Pad even includes a consultation with a web design professional and ad credits to get you started.

If you’re still not certain, hosting providers listed on Web Hosting Rating give you reviews for the different hosting plans.  I know that when I selected my current provider this was an important part of my decision-making process.  It doesn’t have to be a daunting process.  With good information and a plan, you to can be plugged in.