Search Engine Optimization

Today, I delved more into search engine optimization for my website. I considered my rankings–and that of my competition. Can I say this without sounding cocky or arrogant? There are a lot of horrible art sites out there from music (.MID files to add insult to injury), gaudy colors (for an artist? C’mon.), horrible code, causes (Causes carry baggage that a retailer might not want.), huge images, and numerous other fatal errors of web site design.

I find a poor presentation less forgivable among artists. We’re all about creating the perfect painting. Why does that end sometimes with our web presence? My advice for artists looking to establish their web appeal–look elsewhere than your colleagues for web design advice. Look to other sites in different industries who are doing it right. Emulate them. How will you know a good site? Trust your instincts. Trust your artist’s eyes about what looks good and then translate it into your marketing strategy.

SEO Checkup

First, I must say that I’ve enjoyed this left brain vacation in SEO optimization. Painting is more fulfilling when I balance my left brain and right brain activities. Web design combines the two. For color schemes, my experience in watercolor art has been invaluable. I have a feel for what looks good.

I’ve found a couple websites and tools helpful. The WebCEO software combined with the free WordTracker tool and the Google AdWord tool has yielded great results. Nothing like a kick in the head to make you realize the obvious. While my site is about watercolors, the competition of the millions of other websites is more than overwhelming. That’s where these tools helped. Use of keyword phrases rather than simple words gives more targeted results, focusing on more intelligent surfers, a key to a higher conversion rate.

If you get anything from this post, remember this: search engines like Google index pages not sites. Each and every page of your site needs to be optimized. Each page should have unique content. Your optimization should reflect its unique nature.

This is where I’m at. I’m reviewing each page for its unique content and building my SEO accordingly.


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