Opposites Attract

I’m trying out some new styles these days. One is definitely a more loose style than I’ve typically used. Funny, I remember scoffing at artists saying that at one point in one’s growth as an artist, one gravitates toward the loose. Here and now, I acknowledge that experience was right.

This painting came together quickly, the background, that is. I used a cool palette to accentuate the mood I wanted to create. I used a palette knife to create rocks. There you have it–“Opposites”. Enjoy.

“Opposites”, watercolor on paper, 6″ x 4″, Available at Weborg Lodge Studio

The Loneliness of Cold

I associate cold with loneliness, especially when the temperature does not break zero as it was so today. Despite the sunshine that belied a pleasant day, the weather delivered a blast of chill so cold it made car engines groan and houses creak.

I painted “A Long Wait” of a scene that strikes a similar chord with me. The setting is a rural one, far from the crowds–and other people. While not a winter scene, it is a scene that could be interpreted as chilly. The wait is long for the farm cat looking for some companionship or maybe a treat as she waits patiently at the decrepit barn. A lone cow looks on, perhaps commiserating with the lonely cat. It’s all about the loneliness of cold.

Time To Paint

I’ll admit it; I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from painting. There was no riff that turned me away from painting. My paintbrushes and watercolors sit at the ready for me to dip my brush in water. It was writing, you see, that grabbed a hold of my attention. The world of my book became my escape. It’s going very well, by the way. I’m hoping to be done next month and begin the process of peddling my work.

I’ve talked with other writers about the pain of rejection. I suppose in a way selling on line has toughened me up a bit on that score. When a painting on auction fails to sell, it feels like it’s being rejected. Of course, there is a world of difference between a painting that I’ve invested a few days in versus a novel I’ve lived with for months on end. Have to wait and see on that note.

One of my goals for 2008 is to rediscover painting. I return with new eyes and a fresh perspective. I’m looking forward to those moments when I am so into a painting that time flies by without notice. Those are great moments.

I have a plan, which is a good start. After I review my inventory and submit works to different sites, I’ll be painting and enjoying the blissful calm of my artistic landscape.