Just a Bowl of Cherries

I felt like doing a still life yesterday, and a smaller work at that. I’ve been working half sheet paintings lately. I enjoyed the challenge of working on a large surface. Yesterday, I went back to my watercolor roots and did a miniature, 6″ x 4″.

Still lifes are such fun paintings. You lay down your entire setting. Then you add the little elements like shadows and surface texture and the painting comes to life. The elements look real, three-dimensional. The transformation can be quite dramatic.Well, here’s my latest. Hope you like it.

“Just a Bowl of Cherries”, watercolor on paper, 6″ x 4″


I Did It! I Did It! I Did It!

I did it! I completed my rough draft. My entire novel has been plotted, the story laid out. Of course, there are lots of rewrites yet, more to add, scenes to flesh out. I am absolutely elated that I’ve finished the mystery. Writing the last bit, my fingers were flying across the keys. It was a struggle to keep up with my thoughts. I was pleased with my dialogue. It felt natural to me, the responses appropriate. I admit that I cried at the ending. My work was finished.

This is my plan now. I have several notes about bits to add. I’ll go ahead and add those. Then, I’ll let it rest for a week. Then, I’ll read it through and identify the scenes that are missing and where they should be placed. I’ll add those and then read through it again. At that point, I may let my husband read it and offer suggestions.

I feel such a sense of accomplishment. Since I’m planning for my sleuth to be a series character, I have two additional ideas for subsequent books. The next book will be set where I’ll be vacationing this summer. What better way to get into the feel of a book! I’m going to celebrate tonight. I’ve managed a major hurdle.