minature watercolor landscape

“Summer Days” Miniature Watercolor Landscape

Summer Days captures a quintessential farm country scene. The fence and tree mark the hedgerow between farm fields. An old oak provides some welcome shade perhaps to grazing cattle or sheep.

I enjoy painting these kinds of scenes. It’s not just the feel, which I love because it is comfort food for the eyes. I love it also because of the opportunity to use texture. The aged wooded fence posts are a perfect example. The tree with its green leaves is another chance to have fun.

I like the realistic green palette that I used in this painting. While I sometimes paint for color appeal, my favorite works are ones like this that have a muted palette. Hope you like it.

http://blog.weborglodge.com/By Chris DR

fall watercolor landscape painting

“Without a Word” Watercolor Landscape Painting

Without a Word” captures the beauty of fall as I know it on the lake. The contrast between the blue of the water and the stunning autumn trees takes your breath away. It’s that beautiful.

The colors stand out best as the sun dips down into the west. It highlights the oranges, reds, and browns that the lake reflects back. It’s quite the show. Fall may signal the end of the boating season, but those boat rides looking for fall colors are the best way to end the season. Enjoy.

moose watercolor landscape painting

“Journey North” Watercolor Landscape Painting

The “Journey North” is quintessential North Country. It’s amazing that an animal as large as a moose roams the backwoods. I’ve only seen a moose once in my life. It wasn’t up north, but rather in Sweden.

I was living with the second of three families who would host me as an exchange student. We had just arrived as my Swedish family’s summer house. It was dark. The moose just slipped silently through the brush as we pulled up. It didn’t make a sound.

For me, this painting captures a quiet moment when that moose could feed and wade in the water at his leisure. I wanted to create the quiet and peace of such a moment. Enjoy.